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Track Rental Fees
Anticipated Associated Costs

Track fees are all-inclusive and include the paddock, classroom, six radios and the public restrooms in the Garage/Suite building.

Track & Paddock Rental Fees (actual prices vary by sound levels)

November – April  
Monday – Thursday $8,000
Friday – Sunday $10,000
May – October  
Monday – Thursday $15,000
Friday – Sunday $15,000

Team practice days are available at an unlimited sound level. These track days rent for $12,500.00 per day, plus associated costs, such as insurance, workers and ambulances, etc. These days are exclusively for teams that need to practice for a scheduled event here.

There is a maximum of 30 vehicles or motorcycles permitted on track at any one time. Additional fees of $2,000 per day for 31-35 per race group are also available.

Associated Track/Paddock Rental Costs:

  • Track Rental Supervisor – $200.00 per day – Direct pay day of rental
  • Sound Tester – $100.00 per day – Direct pay day of rental
  • Independent Turn Workers/Track Worker – $100.00 per day/per person
  • Gate Workers – $100.00 per day/per person
  • Paddock Camping (Club Rate) – $1,000.00 per night
  • Radios (additional) Peninsula Communications – Direct
  • Standby ALS Ambulance American Medical Response – Direct
  • Standby Fire Crew/Truck (Salinas Rural Fire Dept.) – $1,800.00 (Approx.) per day
  • Standby Tow Truck – $800.00 (Approx) per day
  • Fuel Available
    • Unleaded Premium 91 Octane – $6/Gallon
    • Race Gas 110 Octane Leaded – $9/Gallon
    • Race Gas 100 Octane Unleaded – $9/Gallon 

All checks are payable to Monterey County Parks.