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Schedule – Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races

36th Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races

2009 Race Schedule

On track schedule subject to change
Thursday, August 13
9:00AM – 11:00AM                      Porsche NA on Track
11:00AM – 3:00PM                      Track Familiarization for 1st time participants
  3:00PM – 3:45PM                      Porsche NA on Track
 3:45PM –  4:45PM                      Porsche “Feature Marque” Photo (Turn 3)
Friday, August 14

  8:45AM – 11:10AM                    Practice by Group: 1A – 5A
11:00AM                                    “Historics to Quail Run” Selected race cars depart the track for The Quail
11:15AM –12:30PM                    Practice by Group: 6A – 8A
 12:30PM –  1:15PM                    Lunch Break
   1:20PM –  2:45PM                    Practice Group 1B -3B
   2:45PM                                   Demonstration Laps
   3:00PM – 4:55PM                    Practice Group 4B – 7B

Saturday, August 15
   8:45AM – 11:10AM                 Warm-Up by Race Group 1A-6A
11:10AM – 11:15AM                  Fisker Introduction Laps
11:15AM – 11:35AM                  Warm-Up Group 7A
11:35AM – 11:40AM                  Devon GT Introduction Laps
11:40AM – 12:00PM                  Warm-UP Group 8A
  12:00PM – 1:00PM                  Lunch Break
12:20PM – 12:40PM                  Porsche Race Car Parade Honoring Bob Carlson and Bob Snodgrass (3 laps)
12:40PM – 12:55PM                  Porsche Exhibition Laps
   1:00PM – 1:05PM
   1:10PM                                 National Anthem
   1:15PM                                 Race 1A (10 Laps) Group 1A 1904-1940 Sporting Cars
   1:45PM                                 Race 2A (10 Laps) Group 2A 1925-1949 Racing & Sporting Cars
   2:15PM                                 Race 3A (10 Laps) Group 3A 1948-1955 Sports Racing & GT Cars under 1500cc
   2:40PM                                 Porsche Demonstration Laps
   2:50PM                                 Race 4A (10 Laps) Group 4A 1955-1961 GT Cars under 2200cc
   3:20PM                                 Race 5A (10 Laps) Group 5A 1955-1961 Sports Racing Cars under 2000cc
   3:50PM                                 Race 6A (10 Laps) Group 6A 1955-1961 Sports Racing Cars over 2000cc
   4:15PM                                 Race 7A (10 Laps) Group 7A 1964-1971 FIA Mfg. Championship Cars
   4:40PM                                 Race 8A (10 Laps) Group 8A 1981-1990 FIA Mfg. Championship & IMSAGTP Car
Sunday, August 16
  9:00AM – 11:50AM                 Warm-Up by Race Group 1B-7B
11:55AM – 12:55PM                  LUNCH BREAK
12:20PM – 12:40PM                  Porsche Club Parade
12:45PM – 12:55PM                 Porsche Exhibition Laps
  12:57PM                                National Anthem
   1:00PM                                Race 1B (10 Laps) Group 1B 1947-1955 Sport Racing & GT Cars over 1500cc
   1:30PM                                Race 2B (10 Laps) Group 2B 1971-1976 FIA Mfg. Championship Cars
   2:00PM                                Race 3B (10 Laps) Group 3B 1961-1966 GT Cars under 2500cc
   2:30PM                                Porsche Demonstration Laps
   2:40PM                                Race 4B (10 Laps) Group 4B 1959-1966 Sports Racing Cars
   3:10PM                                Race 5B (10 Laps) Group 5B 1963-1967 GT Cars over 2500cc
   3:40PM                                Race 6B (10 Laps) Group 6B 1966-1974 Can-Am Cars
   4:05PM                                Race 7B (10 Laps) Group 7B 1973-1980 IMSA GT, GTX, AAGT Cars
   5:00PM                                Prize Giving at Red Bull Energy Center

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