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Track Rentals


Rental Consideration

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is a highly sought-after facility by car and motorcycle clubs, driving programs, automobile companies, and not to mention major racing series who annually compete here. Consequently, the calendar fills up quickly, upon approval by SCRAMP and the County of Monterey Parks Department.

For information on renting Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, please refer to the calendar, the accompanying Track Rental FAQ or contact us at 831-242-8201 and ask for our Track Rental Manager.

Track Rental Fees

Anticipated Associated Costs (subject to change)

Track fees are all-inclusive and include the paddock, classroom, six radios and the public restrooms in the Garage/Suite building.

The fees are based on a sliding scale and vary according to time of year and sound levels, which are rated at a maximum of 90 dBA; 92 dBA and 105 dBA.

Associated Track/Paddock Rental Costs:

  • Track Rental Supervisor – $200 per day – Direct pay day of rental
  • Sound Tester – $100 per day – Direct pay day of rental
  • Independent Turn Workers/Track Worker – $100 per day/per person
  • Gate Workers – $100 per day/per person
  • Paddock Camping (Club Rate) – $1,000 per night
  • Standby Fire Crew/Truck (Salinas Rural Fire Dept.) – $1,800 (Approx.) per day
  • Standby Tow Truck – $800.00 (Approx) per day
  • Fuel Available
    • Unleaded Premium 91 Octane – $6.00/Gallon
    • Race Gas 110 Octane Leaded – $9.75/Gallon
    • Race Gas 100 Octane Unleaded – $9.00/Gallon