Barry Toepke
Vice President, Communications & Historic Racing

Bio: Joined Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in October 2009 from RWB Marketing & Communications where he was VP of new business, and corporate and product communications at Mitsubishi Motors North America. Prior to RWB, he was director of communications at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which was formerly a longtime client of his at his own agency, VL Communications Group. As president of VL, Toepke oversaw such clients as Automobili Lamborghini USA, Bonhams & Butterfields, and American Cancer Society, among many others.
Hometown: Chicago

College: Long Beach State University
Favorite Racing Series: It’s a toss-up this year between Pinewood Derby and F1. Both are filled with intrigue.
Favorite Racer: Sir Stirling Moss
Favorite Sport Activities: Tennis and basketball
First Time You Realized You Like Racing: As a six-year-old watching the Indy 500 and pretending to manually shift (Graham Hill took the checkered).
Favorite movie: Rendezvous. Even, though it was a Mercedes and not a Ferrari speeding through the sleepy early morning streets of Paris (but hey, at least LeLouch dubbed in a Ferrari engine) and it wasn’t traveling as fast as it seemingly appears, it’s still a lively nine minutes.
Something no one else knows about you: I was once a participant in a charity celebrity bachelor auction.